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Workshops and Events
Workshops and Events
Workshops and Events

Join myself and Logi Firewalking for an Unforgettable Winter Solstice Experience!

Christon Bank nr Alnwick

🌟 Winter Solstice: Welcoming New Beginnings - Wednesday 20th December to Friday 22nd December

Step into a world of transformation, self-discovery, and empowerment as we embrace the power of the Winter Solstice. Join us for an unforgettable journey where ancient rituals meet modern practices.

Wednesday 20th December Time: 4pm

🔥 Firewalk under the Stars

Step into a world of transformation and embrace the power of the firewalk. Join us on the evening of the 20th December as we ignite the flames that will guide us on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Take a courageous step onto the burning embers, defying limitations and embracing new possibilities.

Thursday 21st December - Start - 7am Finish - 9pm

🗿 Duddo Standing Stones

As the sun begins its ascent, we gather at the ancient Duddo Standing Stones to welcome the return of the light on this auspicious solstice morning. Connect with the Earth's energy and join in a solstice ritual, accompanied by the beat of drums and rattles. Witness the beauty of the sunrise as it illuminates the sacred stones. Afterward, indulge in a light breakfast, savoring the serene ambiance. This sunrise gathering is included as part of the full event experience.

❄️ Breathwork and Ice Bath

Delve into the power of your breath and embark on an exhilarating journey of self-exploration. Our breathwork session will guide you through deep, transformative breathing techniques that will ignite your inner fire and awaken your true potential. Following the breathwork, brace yourself for an invigorating ice bath experience that will leave you feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to conquer new horizons.

🍲 Nourish Your Soul with Soup and Chilli

Indulge in a delicious and nourishing lunch as we gather together to share stories, laughter, and connections. Enjoy a hearty bowl of warm chili, packed with flavors that will replenish your energy and fortify your spirit. As we nourish our bodies, we strengthen the bonds of community and friendship.

🌿 Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony

Prepare yourself for a profound spiritual experience as we enter the sacred sweat lodge. The sweat lodge ceremony is a traditional Native American ritual that cleanses the body, mind, and spirit. In this deeply transformative journey, we connect with the elements, seek clarity, and release what no longer serves us. The lodge will guide us through an evening of introspection, growth, and renewal.

🔥 Chill and Community in the BBQ Hut

After the sweat lodge ceremony, join us in the cozy warmth of the BBQ hut. Engage in heartfelt conversations, share laughter, and forge lasting connections with fellow participants. Bring your favorite dish to contribute to our community dinner, and let the sense of togetherness and camaraderie fill your spirit.

Friday 22nd December Start 9am - Finish by 2pm

🛀 Rebirthing 1:1 Sessions in the Hot Tub Date: Friday 22nd December Time: Individual appointments with Amanda

Dive into Transformation with Water Rebirthing! 🌊

Experience the profound healing and rejuvenating power of water rebirthing! 💦✨

Water rebirthing is a gentle and transformative form of breathwork that takes place in a warm, nurturing pool. By combining the rhythm of conscious connected breathing with the healing properties of water, it offers a truly unique and deep healing experience. 🌊💫

Immerse yourself in the therapeutic embrace of water as you embark on a journey of self-discovery and inner transformation. Here are some key benefits of water rebirthing:

🔹 Deep relaxation and stress relief

🔹 Increased emotional release and healing

🔹 Enhanced physical and mental well-being

🔹 Heightened sense of connection and clarity

Whether you're seeking to release emotional blockages, find inner peace, or simply reconnect with your true self, water rebirthing offers a nurturing and transformative experience like no other. 💦✨

🎟️ Ticket Prices:

• Full Event Experience 20th December – 22nd December - £150 per person

• Firewalk Only - 20th December - £45 per person

• Ice Bath, Breathwork and Sweat Lodge: £120 per person

Please contact me for tickets - 07928779711

👥 Limited Availability: To ensure an intimate and personalized experience, we have limited the number of participants to 15 people only.

New Year's Soulfire: A Sweat Lodge Awakening for 2024

Are you ready to welcome 2024 in a truly unique and transformative way?Join us for a special New Year's Eve Sweat Lodge ceremony with John young of Logi Firewalking and myself Amanda Smith of Inner Fire breathworkIt's an experience like no other!Date: December 31, 2023Time: 8:00 PM - 1:00 AMLocation: Christon Bank, Alnwick.A Sweat Lodge, is a Native American ceremonial structure designed for purification, healing, and spiritual connection. Participants are invited to enter the lodge to engage in a profound spiritual and purifying experience.

Ritual and Reflection: Begin the New Year with intention, setting the stage for personal growth and renewal.

Sacred Sweat Lodge Ceremony: Experience the cleansing power of heat and steam, allowing you to release toxins and emotional burdens.

Spiritual Connection: Connect with your inner self, the natural world, and the spiritual realm in a deeply meaningful way.

Midnight Feast: Conclude the evening with a feast, nourishing both body and soul. Why a Sweat Lodge on New Year's Eve?

Embrace Renewal and Cleansing: On the cusp of the new year, it's the perfect time to shed the old and step into the future with a fresh perspective. The intense heat and steam of the Sweat Lodge create a powerful sense of purification, allowing you to release not only physical toxins but also emotional and mental burdens.

Set Powerful Intentions: Within the sacred space of the Sweat Lodge, you can articulate your goals and intentions for personal growth, healing, and transformation in the coming year. This ritual infuses your aspirations with purpose and commitment.

Connect with Nature and Spirituality: The Sweat Lodge symbolizes the womb of Mother Earth. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with nature and the spiritual realm, aligning you with the elements, the Earth, and the cosmos. Celebrate Uniquely: Step away from the usual New Year's Eve parties and engage in a ritual that aligns with your personal values and aspirations. After the ceremony, join us for a midnight feast in a sacred setting to celebrate in a unique way.

Build Community and Connection: Join an intimate group of like-minded individuals who share your interest in personal growth, spirituality, and meaning. This ceremony fosters connections and a sense of belonging.

Stress Reduction and Relaxation: Amidst the holiday season's hustle and bustle, find tranquility and reflection. The ceremony's calming and grounding effects can help reduce stress and bring peace.Limited Spaces Available Only 12 spaces are available to ensure an intimate and profound experience.Tickets are £75 each, and they're going fast! Reserve your spot today to secure your place in this unique celebration.To secure your ticket:

Contact myself or John Young directly - 07928779711

Alternatively Tickets are also available on eventbrite

Let's welcome the New Year together in a powerful and meaningful way.This is an opportunity for personal growth, connection, and renewal that goes beyond the typical New Year's festivities.

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