Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS

Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS
Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS
Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS
Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS
Biodynamic Breathwork Trauma Release BBTRS


What is BBTRS? And what can it help with?

The BioDynamic Breathwork and Trauma Release System (BBTRS) supports the integration of the physical and metaphysical selves to develop enhanced body awareness, self-awareness, and spiritual connection. The growth of mental clarity and full integration of our entire emotional experience supports a greater sense of wellbeing and fulfilment. This is all achieved through conscious, connected breathing.

The breathing techniques utilised in BBTRS, such as open mouthed breathing, altering the pace and depth of the breath alongside the use of conscious movement unlock access to the parasympathetic nervous system to gently release emotions in a meditative state. 

The beauty of releasing trauma through breathwork is that you don't need to ruminate or identify specific traumatic events throughout your life to release them; BBTRS practice is about releasing the energy of trauma stored in the body rather than by exploring the story of the trauma, without the need to relive those experiences.

We don't always need to go into the story of the pain to process and relieve it. The origin of the stress, tension and trauma is not the focus, but instead is the and subsequential release of it. Lightening the load of emotional tension carried upon your shoulders each day.

Through the process of breathing the mind-body connection strengthens. A mindful practice you learn to embrace your whole self without judgement; the good, the bad and the ugly are all given an equal stage upon which to express themselves fully. Intuitive healing occurs naturally as a result; by unlocking body stored emotions and trauma, and by learning to allow them to be in their complete form you begin to live life with intention, fully conscious and free from subconsciously locking up your heart in case of pain. By working from the inside out, breath work can support and facilitate a more complete form of holistic wellness, increased resilience and the ability to live life fully in the moment with gratitude, appreciation.

The role of the therapist is to integrate the deep, connected open-mouthed breathing with holding of a safe space, support via therapeutic touch, and facilitating conscious movement for gentle emotional release, meditation and healing. Biodynamic breathwork assists, supports and empowers you to release the traumas you've ignored, to release the stress you've stored, to face any anxieties, shame, and fear through the power of the breath.

BBTRS and Trauma

BBTRS is a new approach to trauma release, approaching breathing from a trauma informed perspective, space can be created and held by the therapist to allow the full bodily trauma processing. Trauma release via breathwork allows for unconscious trauma to be released through consciousness without the need to have a conscious awareness of the source, the story or the cause of the pain. In BioDynamic Breathwork for Trauma Release, you allow your body and mind to reconnect, completing the energy cycle of the emotion. An equilibrium can then be re-established in your core self, body and mind to progress towards a fully interconnected embodied experience of life.

In doing so, the gates are opened to experiencing the full width and breadth of emotions, and a safe space is created to sit with difficult emotions to allow them. In doing so, processing deep difficult emotions helps the healing journey in moving away from unwanted harmful coping mechanisms such as addictions, self-destruction, and avoidance. Long held trauma can be released from the body creating a sense of ease and weightlessness in the mind.

It is important to bear in mind that BBTRS is not a replacement for trauma-based therapy as when engaging with the breathwork you do not go into the origin story of the trauma, but instead hold space to allow the emotional and physical release of trauma from the body. BBTRS can be used effectively in conjunction with talking therapy and can help speed up the healing process as you are coming from an embodied and cognitive perspective together.

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